Our partnerships form the basis of who we are. From professional associations to top real estate, real asset and financial partners, we are forming a global network to expand crypto to the real economy.
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Security Partnertnership. Rivetz is a state-of-the-art toolkit for harnessing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect your secrets, your finances, and your privacy. It's like a hidden vault (already embedded in most phones) that no OS or software can eavesdrop on. LATOKEN and Rivetz International have signed a partnership agreement, whereby LATOKEN’s transactions will be protected by Rivetz’s solutions upon completion.
MyGold is New Zealand’s premier gold buying solution. They are the partner to buy silver bullion, gold bullion, silver coins, gold coins, silver bars and gold bars in New Zealand. MyGold is the premier supplier of physical safe haven assets in New Zealand for LATOKEN.
Slim’s unique development and contracting model allows clients to benefit from tools and structures such as bulk buying, pre-negotiated exits or buy backs, turnkey management, downturn protections, special financing orco-investments among others. Slim’s team has thousands of units of experience. As a result, investors access structured real estate opportunities on terms that are typically otherwise not available. With many premium real estate assets at their disposal, Slim Solutions is LATOKEN’s preferred real estate partner.