2013 December
The first Business plan for a
Home Equity Lender
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy worked at hedge funds when he discovered that emerging markets have a very low home loans penetration due to low transparency for investors and prohibitively high deal costs. He drafted a business plan of a home equity lender solving this problem.
2014 May
The first sale of a home equity loan
We launched a home equity loans broker to develop it into P2P online marketplace. The first deal was closed in May with a $1200 commission.
2015 - 2016
Launch of the Home Equity Marketplace
After the launch of the marketplace 25 investors and 7 banks made more than 15 000 calls with clients via the platform and arranged over 1200 meetings resulting in over 1000 + deals closed in 2016.
In December 2016 the first bank made an automated sale of a home equity loan via the platform.
2017 April
We held a Digital Mortgage conference for 200+ banks, investors and real estate developers
Banks and real estate owners need the blockchain to sell assets on the secondary market.
Banks can automate selling loans off balance sheet if loans are transparent on blockchain for secondary buyers. This enables banks to provide the best rate available on the marketplace to any borrower.
2017 May - June
AIBanks - LAToken Development
We developed AIBanks as a blockchain platform for selling loans and assets off the balance sheet. Because the platform allows trading of non banking assets and eventually removes the middleman we rebranded it to the Liquid Asset Token (LAToken)
2017 July
LAT wallet developed
LAT wallet allows users to control account balances of tokens, make transactions, create new tokens and link them to assets.
2017 August 19
First tokenized Apple shares are sold at the LAT platform
Trading of tokens linked to prices of shares (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Tesla)
and commodities (oil, gold, silver) started at the LAT platform
2017 August 22-27
Token sale Round 1 completed in just 3 days. $10 mln raised
Round 1 of the Token sale was completed in just 3 days (7 days were planned initially) due to the high demand. Around $10 mln raised.
The proceeds will be used for the trading development of tokens linked to real estate prices.
2017 September 5 - October 10
Token sale Round 2-4
The proceeds will be used for trading development of the tokens linked to the key asset classes: Round 2 – Real estate, Round 3 – Debt and commodities, Round 4 – Illiquid assets (e.g. works of art).
The total Token sale's hard cap is $40 mln.
4Q 2017
LAT listing on the leading cryptoexchanges

1Q 2018
Launch of a fiat-crypto gateway
Users can easily convert LAT and asset tokens to fiat
and vice versa
Scaling of asset tokens trading
Start of the full-scale trading of asset tokens. Listing of major third party's asset tokens on the LAT platform.
Apps for new specific assets
tokenization are added
to the LAT platform
LAT platform could become the leading global asset token platform with a $400 billion
trading volume potential
Total value of asset tokens traded
on the LAT platform may reach $1.2 trillion